It’s the number 1 streaming service to watch the best flamenco available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

You will find a wide catalogue of unique and exclusive shows by top artists, the majority recently produced in 4K UHD format. You can choose flamenco shows of dance, guitar playing and even flamenco fashion catwalks, filmed at festivals, theaters, peñas, tablaos and other singular venues in Spain. New programs premiering every month.

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You can watch ALL FLAMENCO on our apps, web, Chromecast, Roku or AirPlay device. Very soon ALL FLAMENCO will be available on many more devices. You can watch anytime anywhere.

At the end of each video our recommendation engine will automatically play another one related to the previous one and those you have previously watched or rated. This will allow you to experience something like a tailor-made television channel from this auto-playlist. The more you use the app, better recommendations will be made to you. This feature is only available in subscription mode.

ALL FLAMENCO is also available as a linear television channel that broadcasts up to 4K quality on some pay TV platforms in Spain (Orange and on multiple local carriers) and France (Orange France). Check here how to tune it.
You have 15 days free trial to enjoy watching ALL FLAMENCO. During that time, you will not be charged. Your chosen subscription plan will be charged only after the trial period. Notice that if you don't want to start your paid subscription, you must unsubscribe before the end of the trial period by clicking on My Account menu.
Start by discovering ALL FLAMENCO completely free by visiting our Free Shows section or rent (TAQUILLA) from €0.50 any of our catalogue titles or subscribe to one of our plans if you need more. Check our plans. Prices for rental and subscription vary according to each title and the country where you are. When you select a program to watch, you will see the available options (rental or subscription) to choose from and the price.
This includes unlimited access to our entire subscription catalogue during your subscription period (a month or a year) and the definition quality mode (HD or 4K) chosen. You will be able to watch on as many devices you wish with only one single simultaneous stream. Your access travels with you anywherever. There is no geographical limitation. Some titles are not included in any subscription and are only available in the rental mode (TAQUILLA), such as training courses. They are identified by a $, € or 円 symbol.
It is as simple as visiting, signing up or logging in, choosing the subscription plan associated with your coupon code and inserting into the field provided along with your payment details.
On the web or in Android and iOS apps, after selecting the program you want to watch, you must register. If you already have done so, you will be shown a screen to choose the available contract mode. Most titles will offer you a choice between the rental option (TAQUILLA) or subscription. At this point you must introduce your payment details (if you have a coupon code, don't forget to redeem it). You will be asked for the cardholder’s name and surname, the card number, the expiration date (enter the month's two digits at the "MM" field and all four digits of the year at "YYYYY" field) and the CVC code (the three-digit security code that normally figures on the reverse). Most of the existing credit or debit cards on the market are accepted, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. After registering, you can also go to My Account menu and then to Purchases and choose your plan. RENTAL (TAQUILLA) mode is only available on the web, so if you want to see the program chosen in any of our apps you must make payment in advance by clicking here.
This is the rental method for those who do not contract a subscription plan. From €0.50 (this price may vary depending on the country you are in) you can pick any of the titles in our catalogue and watch it for a certain period of time. Depending on each title the rental period varies, being most of them 48 hours, and in the case of the classes, 7 days. During this time, you can watch it as many times as you want. Note that if you sign up for any of the subscription plans, you will be able to see most of the programs without limit, and you will not have to rent them individually or make extra payments. Please note that some programs are available for rent only (TAQUILLA), such as some training classes. You will easily distinguish them as they will be identified with one of these symbols: $, € or 円. Remember that the TAQUILLA can only be purchased through the web. Once you have purchased the content chosen, you can view it in any of our apps available on other devices (mobile phones, tablets, televisions...).
These are independent lessons recordings made by the great masters of the Flamenco art. At the moment, there is no possibility of contracting a complete course or a combination of lessons. The price of each one varies according to the maestro, its features and the country where you are. When you make your selection, its price will be displayed on the screen before you purchase it. Select the one you are interested in, enter your payment details and start your virtual class immediately. You have 7 days to watch it as many times as you want. Rewind, move forward, and repeat the teacher's explanations as much as you need until you have mastered it. Remember that these lessons, like the rest of TAQUILLA, can only be purchased online. Once purchased, you can watch it in any of our apps.
Your payment details will never be stored on our servers. They will be transferred directly, securely and encrypted to the renowned international payment gateway STRIPE which meets and guarantees the highest security standards, and which handle the communication with your bank. Your payment details will be safe, and the use of this gateway does not entail any cost for you.
No, it' s different. Registration doesn't mean you have to pay anything or make any kind of commitment. It’s totally FREE of charge. Once you register your user ID, you will be able you to watch our Free Shows section. Afterwards, you can rent a title or choose a subscription plan to watch the rest of the catalogue.
Go to at and click on Log In from the top menu to display the registration/login menu. Register if this is your first visit, or login if you are already registered. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account. Please check your inbox to validate your email address by clicking on the CONFIRM button. That way we can verify that you are using a valid user to be able to recover your password if necessary. By doing so, we can verify that you are using a valid username in order to recover your password if necessary.
We will be sad to see you leave but if you wish, you can interrupt the renewal of your subscription at any time, and at the end of the last billing period, your subscription will be discontinued, and no further charges will be made. We would like to think it's just a see you later. You may do this by going to My Account/Purchases. If you signed up from the Android or iOS apps, you can only cancel from your own account at the respective app stores. You must go to your account on your mobile app store and enter Subscriptions section.
This is great since it means you love our services. Maybe, you want to save the several months that an annual subscription entails or want to appreciate the 4K picture definition of our shows because you’ve got a UHD screen. To change your plan, enter in My Account/Purchases section and just cancel your current plan and contract the new one. If you signed up from an iPhone, you must do so by accessing your AppStore account and going to the Subscriptions section.
please check your wifi or mobile data connection and make sure you have sufficient network coverage or bandwidth. If you check that you have a good signal quality, then try restarting your wifi connection device. These problems are often solved this way. Also check if you are experiencing problems with other videostreaming services. In this case, contact your Internet service provider. If you are still having problems, you can contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (CES). You can also contact us through Messenger and our social networks.
You can change your password anytime you need it by clicking on My Account from the top bar and then on My Account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your username, since it is associated to your registered email account.
Chromecast and AirPlay are great ways to sync your portable devices to your TV. Chromecast is made by Google and is used to broadcast media from Android mobile phones, computers or tablets on your TV, turning a conventional TV into a Smart-TV. It is connected to your TV through an HDMI port, allowing to receive multimedia devices connected over the same WiFi network. AirPlay is the casting system by Apple and works similar. It is essential that your gadget is on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast or AirPlay device. When playing one of our shows, touch one of the cast icons that you will see on the screen and select your Chromecast/AirPlay device to automatically beam the show to the TV set connected. For more information on how to set up or operate your Chromecast click click here and for your AirPlayclick here
Android TV is the version of Android for Smart-TVs and other streaming media devices. As in all Android mobile and tablet devices, please go to the Apps menu in your Android TV enabled Smart-TV or videostreaming device to search in the app store and install the ALL FLAMENCO app following these instructions:

1. Add the ALL FLAMENCO app: from the main Apps menu of your Smart-TV or videostreaming device select the option Download New Applications. This will take you to the Google Play store. Here select the option Apps in the upper bar. In the search field enter the name of ALL FLAMENCO, then choose an app with our logo and click on the Install button.
• If you wish to add our app from your computer, go to the Google Play page by clicking on this link, log in, search for our app and ask for it being installed on your associated Android TV device.
• If you need further help, please visit Google support site.
2. After the download and installation process, an activation code will appear on the screen of your device. Enter this code at
• At this point, if you have not yet registered, you will need to do so.

Now your Smart-TV or Android TV videostreaming device is associated to your ALL FLAMENCO account and you won’t be asked to log in again. Enjoy watching!

is a videostreaming device that allows you to see Internet content on your TV which is extremely popular in certain countries such as the United States. It provides a similar functionality to that obtained with Chromecast or AirPlay. It is only currently available in some countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK or France.

If you have one , follow these steps: 1. Navigate to Streaming Channels, then Music.
2. Select ALL FLAMENCO, then Add Channel, then go to channel.
• If you wish to add from your computer, click here.
• Visit Roku's support site for more help.
3. A code will appear. Enter this activation code at

Your ROKU is now connected to your ALL FLAMENCO account. Enjoy watching!